About Us

Paradigm Technology is an independent electronics design house. We take our customers’ business to a new orbit helping them to develop and produce new world-class products for the high-tech market. We design hardware, develop software, create mechanical and industrial design for consumer electronic products.

The Company

Over the past 5 years, we have built a close-knit team of 25 engineers who specialize in the following promising markets: digital TV and multimedia, IoT and consumer devices, telecommunications, home security electronics, automation, and FPGA projects. We are ready to complete your project on a turnkey basis or take on individual tasks in development and production.


We constantly analyse our environment, to be prepared to take action at any time


We understand your needs in order to tailor our solutions to meet your expectations


We design innovative products and solutions that provide you with the most advanced technologies


We evolve alongside our customers, building relationships based on trust and confidence