From Design to Production

To guarantee the reliability and the quality of the electronic products that we realize, we offer production and industrialisation services to our customer. These includes,

  • Global Sourcing
  • Kitting
  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Wire Harnessing
  • Panel Wiring
  • Electro-mechanical and Sub-assembly Builds
  • Complete Box Build
  • Volume Manufacturing
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning

We also defines production methodology in close collaboration with the stake holders and the customers. Our lean business model allows us to cost effectively produce products and assemblies to your specifications using either consigned or sourced materials.

Our core competence in development and global sourcing effectively allows us responding to tight turnaround requirements while maintaining cost objectives.

Design for X

We apply the DFX approach (Design for eXcellence) which covers all the rules to be observed during the study to improve the product design according to the priority requirements of the specifications.

Cost (DFC)

Priority to global solutions reducing the final cost of the product, both in terms of components architecture and process.

Constraint (DFCO)

Realiability optimized by performing the mission profile and the qualification plan including: Preliminary environmental tests, highly accelerated life tests, failure mode analysis, EMC testing MTBF calculation…

Manufacturing (DFM)

Definition of the technologies and the partners (EMS) able to implement them. The more you comply with the rules of DFM, the more you get high returns easily and an optimized MTBF.

Test (DFT)

FMEA approach for components, testability analysis, optimization of test coverage and planning of the means to be implemented.

Assembly (DFA)

Easy assembly and disassembly of the product, without risk of breakage and loss of time.

Supply Chain (DFS)

Analysis of the know-how necessary for the manufacturing process, concentration of tasks, removal of unnecessary transfers.

Maintenance (DFMa)

Analysis and definition of diagnostic tools and quick troubleshooting. Optimizes the availability rate of products in their life cycle.

Environment (DFE)

Energy optimization, dismantling analysis, optimization of the product recyclability rate…