Design & Industrialisation

We provide Electronic Design Services (EDS) for the development of embedded products and systems, we support our customers in the realization of their projects: digital TV and multimedia, IoT and consumer devices, telecommunications, home security electronics, automation, and FPGA projects.

With skills in electronics, embedded software and mechatronics, we are able to handle the entire development of a product from design to production. We accompany our customers at every step of the project cycle.





PCB Design Services

Paradigm Tec offers printed circuit board design services for your product. Our experience in development and manufacturing of various types of PCB – analog and digital, single- and double-sided, multilayer with BGA packages – allows us to deliver PCB layout services at expert level.

We also offer rapid PCB design service for complex boards. Our engineers will work on your project simultaneously (in a multi-user mode) to ensure quick turnaround time of development, while not compromising on quality.

Product Hardware Development

We offer product hardware development service incorporating exceptional capabilities, advanced user interface, eco-friendly and convenient to use elements.

At Paradigm Tec, we perform the integration of digital and control elements on a single chip managed by RISC CPU, DSP, signal processing blocks, peripherals, and memory interface. Our electronic circuit design services include :-

  • SoC architecture and logic testing
  • ASIC design and prototyping
  • Integration of complex IP blocks
  • Coding and implementation
  • Hardware simulation and analysis

FPGA Design Services

We offer FPGA design services. We design and integrate IP cores, interface controllers, data processing algorithms, processor cores, and custom specialized modules.

Our engineering team offers the best choice of FPGA/MPSoC/RFSoC for your projects, according to the required budget, power consumption, and performance.

Design Simulation Service

Validate your design through our Design Simulation Service. We offer electronics circuit simulation services especially for high frequencies applications. Our engineers validate pcb routing to improve signal integrity and identify errors as early as possible to limit failures.